What is it that draws us to dance? We know that it is good for us physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, but is that really why we are so attracted to dance – just a prettier form of jogging or biking? As much as we agree with all the well documented benefits of ballroom dance, we know there is more to it. People who seek out ballroom dancing know intuitively, from the toe tapping we all do when a familiar piece of music comes on, or the bouncing to music that toddlers do before they can even walk, that dance is a natural human condition. It is something that, when we fuse music and movement, we create joy both for ourselves and for those we are with.

Yet, for most of us, even those who had lessons in childhood, dance has faded into something to be watched or admired in others, a spectator sport. What we in VBDS have been fortunate enough to discover is that social dancing allows us to express ourselves through movement and our Ballroom Dance takes it one step further. With the professional guidance through a syllabus of steps and techniques it enables anyone interested to find their inner dancer and create that expression of music and movement to whatever level they wish to go. The good news is that, with good teachers and supportive classmates, it’s fun and easy to do. There is no doubt that the most difficult step you are faced with is that first one, checking it out. So, pick up the phone or use our website to schedule a lesson or come to one of our Intro to Ballroom opportunities. After that first step your steps in ballroom will seem lighter than air.

It does require work. It requires all your faculties including your mind, your muscle memory, your willingness to practice, your flexibility in dancing with another and your willingness to make mistakes. Yet, in the end you are creating joyful movement, a personal expression that is pleasing to you, your partner and, ultimately to the other members of your dance society. The Victoria Ballroom Dance Society is a unique dance club that encourages and supports you each step of the way, no matter what your aims and aspirations are.