VBDS Music – Some points to consider:

Music for Practices

Each year VBDS adds to the collection of music for use at its practices.  The acquired music is almost always music that is arranged specifically for ballroom dancing; this ensures the tempo is correct and that the beat throughout the song is discernible.  The purchase of the music is ultimately the easiest step in providing the music for dances.  A volunteer must then take the music, decide which songs are to be used, find ones that fit the time allocated for the dance and that all dances are covered in the time allocated for the practice, burn a CD, label the CD and provide a list of the songs that are on the CD.  This is quite time consuming and there a few volunteers who have offered to assist with this task.

The board is looking at ways to improve the handling of the practice music.  One of the considerations is the the CD media used is fixed and it is time consuming to make changes.  Remember the old days of records, 8 track tapes and cassettes and even CDs before the “random” button – the listener would know which some is coming next and would either have to listen to it or take action to skip the song.  That, more or less, is the situation with the CDs; you the listener learn the order of the songs but are unable to skip to the next song and the technology is time consuming to work with to make new CDs.

If you have suggestions for music selections send the following information to president@vbds.org:

Song title, Artist’s Name, Album, Dance for which the song is intended and the BPM (use an online counter such as https://www.all8.com/tools/bpm.htm)

If you have the time and access to the internet use the following links to compare songs that are arranged specifically for ballroom dances and that which is played for listening pleasure:

Somebody That I Used To Know