Practice registration (attendance records)

Registering for practices for the purpose of attendance record keeping / contact tracing is no longer required for: Cedar Hill Rec Centre or Centennial United Church.

I am waiting to hear back from Royal Oak Women’s Institute and Gordon United Church and until they provide an answer, we will continue to request you pre-register online if you plan on attending.

Thank you, Michael Kittel

Thursday practices at ROWI Hall

We have decided to discontinue Friday night practices in the gym at Centennial United Church.

Practices will now take place Thursday nights at the Royal Oak Women’s Institute Hall at 4516 W Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 3G4

Practice times will remain the same, 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Practice – Newcomer, Intermediate & Pre-Bronze

Royal Oak Women’s Institute (ROWI) Hall is available Thursday evenings from 7-9 PM. We are going to host practices for Newcomer, Intermediate and Pre-Bronze dancers on February 3rd, 10th, and 17th. Depending on participation we will either continue with it or host a different event.

I would encourage all dancers at that level to make use of the opportunity. I cannot overstate how important practicing is to your overall enjoyment of dancing. Not only the obvious – improvement, but practices are a great environment for getting to know fellow dancers.

Wednesday night practices at Cedar Hill Rec

Further to the below, I received a reply from CHR. The email I forwarded from VIHA was sufficient as “official” documentation and CHR has rescinded the “no partner changing” rule so… other than the cap at 25 attendees, we are basically back to our December normal.



I received word last Thursday that Cedar Hill Rec would allow VBDS members to resume practices on Wednesdays and Sunday mornings (competitors practice) but not Saturday evening due to staffing issues.

The one caveat was, no partner changes.

After corresponding with VIHA and confirming the current PHO contained no prohibition against partner changes, I forwarded that correspondence to my contact at CHR and requested they rescind the restriction. As I write, they have not yet responded. 

As each venue and organization can set rules above and beyond PHO’s, I respect CHR’s right to protect the users of its facility as they see fit. Until they give us the go-ahead to allow partner changes, I would request our members follow the rule. If you are a solo dancer and wish to attend a CHR practice, please find another solo dancer to dance with for the duration of your stay.

Friday night practices at Centennial United do allow for partner changes.

As always, comments, questions, email me:



Michael Kittel

Practice in the Gym at Centennial United Church on Friday, January 21st

We are back! The start will be a little rough but at least we have one venue to practice in.

Centennial United Church has given us permission to restart classes and practices. Our first, all levels practice will be this Friday, from 7-9PM in the Gym.

All the same protocols:

  • masks on while in the building,
  • proof of vaccination using the Covid passport and
  • everyone must sign in.