The Victoria Ballroom Dance Society (VBDS) uses the personal contact information of our members, gathered on application forms for membership and renewal, on application forms for classes and competitions, and gathered for email distribution, exclusively for the purposes of VBDS and as set out in this notice. These purposes include the following:
  1. Distribution of the weekly newsletter (or such other communication as may be developed from time to time, for example a special bulletin) or other information that may be of interest to members.
  2. Administration, planning and organization of VBDS’s activities and events. A list of the names of members (with limited contact information) is made available to members of the board of directors and its committees to use for recruitment of and communication with member volunteers.
  3. Providing to VBDS teachers (contractors) a list of the registrants in a VBDS class solely for the purposes of enabling communication as may be required or desirable to conduct such class.

The Vice President, ex officio, shall be responsible for the administration of this policy.

Completion of a membership application confirms your acceptance of policies with respect to the use of personal information.