No more capacity limits & social dancing is back!

Quite a day for us dancers. The hoped for lifting of capacity limits for our practices happened but the big news is that after nearly two years, social dancing is allowed.

No more capacity limits means we don’t have to encourage pre-registration but, we still need to take attendance per our Covid Safety Plan agreement with each venue. To make less work for our volunteers, we would really appreciate it if you did continue to register for practices.

On the social dancing side, my hope is that we can organize something asap. Historically most of the club dances were held at Les Passmore Centre near Tillicum Mall. I will contact them to see if, with the lifting of most social restrictions, they will allow us back. Other venues have included Sannich Commonwealth and Cedar Hill Rec Centre. Saturday nights at Cedar Hill are unavailable until March 26th at the earliest.

As you know, I’ve harped on the need for volunteers and hosting a social dance requires volunteers as well. We have all the accessories but we need people to organize it, set it up and tear it down. Dance committee volunteers and day-of dance volunteers are needed. Please email:

Thank you,
Michael Kittel