This page is for those who need help getting their vaccine passport.

Information you will need:

  • Your date of birth.
  • Your Personal Health Number (it may be its own card or on the back of your drivers license)
  • The date of either your first or second shot.

If doing the online process is difficult, you can call the Ministry of Health and they will mail you your passport. The number is:


To do this online either on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, here is the link to the BC Ministry of Health gateway:

Health Gateway ( (

When you have the required info click on the link above. Another way to get to the site is simply Google it. If you type in “BC covid passport” the first result should be the link to the Ministry of Health Covid-19 Passport page.

Scroll down and underneath the various languages, look for the “Get my BC Vaccine Card” link. Click it and it will take you to the same page as referenced above.

Enter the required information.

Click “Enter” and if everything was okay, you should get an image like the one above.

On a laptop or desktop, click “Save a copy”. Depending on your browser (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox) you may see different messages but they should all do the same thing – allow you to save the image. The most important part is to remember the location (folder) it was saved to.

After saving your passport, you’ll need to find it, open it up and then print it. Typically if you double click the icon, whatever app opens it up so you can view it will also allow you to print it. On the menu, look for “File” and then under that look for “Print”.

On an Android phone or tablet, click “Save a copy” Your phone or tablet may save the image to your downloads folder or a photos folder. Another way to save the image is to take a screenshot. On most Android devices, simultaneously pressing and then releasing the power and volume down buttons will snap a screenshot. This image will likely be stored in the “Screenshots” folder.