Mask requirements

As you have probably heard by now, the current PHO mandating indoor masking for most activities, has been lifted effective March 11, 2022. In anticipation of this, your Board of Directors discussed the club policy at last nights monthly meeting. The Board unanimously agreed that club policy should reflect current PHO guidelines in effect.

Venues we rent, can set their own policy. I have contacted, CHRC, CUC, ROWI and GUC. So far CHRC and ROWI have responded and their policy is to follow the PHO guidelines. Therefore, masking is no longer required during Saturday classes, Wednesday or Sunday practices at Cedar Hill Rec Centre or Thursday practices at Royal Oak Women’s Hall.

As I hear back from the other venues I will update this post.

We ask everybody to be respectful of the personal choice other members make regarding masking or not.

Question or concerns, please email:

Thank you, Michael Kittel