Ballroom Dance – art, sport, recreation – a universal and compelling form of emotional expression and communication between two people.

Dancing has been a part of Wanda’s life since childhood. She learned to Waltz and Polka at her European family’s social functions, weddings and community dances. She went on to study Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz dance at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. On a Students Working Abroad Program she attended a summer school in Paris, France for Ballet. The rest of that year was mostly spent in London, England where she completed International Style Ballroom and Latin Medal exams.

Back home in Canada, Wanda attended Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC, studying Kinesiology, Ballet and Contemporary Dance, receiving a Health and Fitness Certificate. She also holds a degree in Recreation Administration – Arts and Culture, from the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Wanda has taught Ballroom and Latin Dance in a wide variety of settings including private Ballroom Dance Studios in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver, the Drama and Physical Education Departments at the University of Alberta, University Dance Clubs in Edmonton and Victoria, Elementary and High Schools, recreation centres and of course, the Victoria Ballroom Dance Society!  She has teacher’s certificates in both International and American Style holding Licentiate degrees in Standard and Latin, Rhythm and Smooth. She is a Member of the Canadian DanceSport Federation and Canadian Dance Teachers Association.

Teaching, training, competing, performing, organizing special events – dance has provided her with these many life enriching and exhilarating experiences. Wanda has competed professionally and pro/am (professional/ amateur) in Canada and the United States. In 2006, she was very fortunate to attend the Blackpool Ballroom Dancers Federation Congress in Blackpool, England.

Since moving to Victoria, Wanda has had the opportunity to perform Ballroom and Latin dance on the stages of the Royal and McPherson Theatres.  She won “Stars on Stage” with Gordie Tupper at one of those occasions.

Another highlight in this city has been her involvement in a feature film. Wanda choreographed the dream sequence in the Bollywood movie, “Rab Rakha”, shot here in Victoria in July, 2014. What an amazing and fulfilling experience!  Hopefully it will be in theatres soon.

Follow your passion. Whether one wants to enjoy dancing for fun and social reasons or to explore this unique discipline in depth for performance or competition, it is an activity which is healthy and developmental for body, mind and spirit.

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