Victor is a Russian-trained dancer who has over 27 years of international dance and performance experience, including over 10 years of intense teaching and training of amateur and championship-level dancers in Russia. Since 2012, He has been teaching and training in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Victor started ballroom dancing at the age of seven, progressing from Pre-Bronze up to the Championship level in Moscow, Russia. Throughout his career, he has won several Championship titles and been a repeat finalist at various competitions in Italy, Malaysia and Russia in both Standard and 10-dance.

Victor holds an Education degree specializing in physics and English from the Moscow State Pedagogical University, and is certified as a judge from the Moscow Federation of Sport Dance, and has judged competitors from Pre-Bronze through to the Championship level.

Teaching is Victor’s vocation and he has always wanted to start his own dance club. In addition to teaching at other esteemed schools in Russia, from 2005-2010, together with his former dance partner, he founded, managed, and taught at the dancing school “Balira” in Solnechnogorsk (city in the Moscow region) with 120 students of various levels (Bronze and above), and coordinating 4 annual events with more than 600 participants each.

In August 2012, Victor moved to Victoria B.C. and started working for Arthur Murray Victoria. In June 2014, he decided to continue his journey in ballroom dancing and opened his own dance studio, VGdance, where his students achieve excellent results.

As a professional teacher and trainer of dancers, Victor actively makes use of the resources and experience he gained from having been mentored and taught by the leading dance instructors in Moscow, Sergei Ryupin, and Elena & Vladimir Kolobov. He also uses exclusive techniques, exercises, and teaching materials he has personally developed over more than 10 years of academic work and physical training.

Throughout his training and career, Victor has had the honour of studying under such noteworthy instructors as Donnie Burns, MBE, Colin James, Kenny Welsh, Lindsey Hiller, Ralph Lepeen, Tona Nyhagen, Prof. Ruud Vermeij, Peter Townsend, and Alan Tornsberg.

Victor enjoys working with VBDS members and sharing his love, knowledge, and experience for merging art together with sport through dance with you. For him, dance combines fitness with mental and spiritual development and then he likes to wrap it all up with a genuine passion for the basics. He looks forward to continuing to share his knowledge and experience as a competitive dancer, teacher, studio owner and dance event organizer with you—the VBDS members.

Phone: 250-891-5757