Revised and Updated November 20, 2020

These guidelines are developed to cautiously and carefully offer VBDS practices and classes in Phase 3 of the BC COVID recovery plan.  VBDS is committed to keeping our ballroom dance community safe and healthy as we hold our programs during the coronavirus pandemic, and to follow the advice and directives issued by our provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols: At each VBDS class or practice an Entry Greeter or Class Rep will assist with screening members before entry, following the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Screening Questionnaire.  Entry Greeters or Class Reps must have done a self-assessment to determine that they are healthy.  

Note: All Entry Greeters or Class Reps must inform the Membership Coordinator, Cathy Hodson if they have any symptoms on the COVID-19 screening questionnaire and must not attend a practice or class.  

As VBDS is a member funded, non-profit and volunteers keeps our organization running, Entry Greeters and Class Reps represent VBDS when interacting with members, prospective members, the venue, hall or instructors.  Each location rented by VBDS has its own protocols which we must respect and follow.

Safety Measure Taken

Detailed Description/ Explanation

Sign In

All dancers and instructors are required to sign in on the form that has been provided at the venue. (Sanitize hands before using the pen provided.)

Entry Greeter / Class Rep please ensure phone numbers are provided, where necessary (VBDS sign in sheets do not require phone numbers.)

VBDS will use our membership list to assist with contact tracing.

Face Mask (Triple-ply) must fit well and cover nose, mouth and chin

Prior to entering the hall, face masks MUST be put on, and must not be removed during class or practice, except for a brief water break. (Face shields do not provide adequate protection.) VBDS volunteers, please ensure compliance with this new VBDS requirement for face masks. Non-medical, 3-ply disposable masks are available for a donation at practices. (E-transfer of funds is preferred, cash or cheques are accepted. Please sanitize hands after handling cash or cheques.)

Class Changeover Times

Changeover times between classes or practices can cause pinch points; to ensure that the entry and exits are not compromising physical distance of 2 meters, different entry and exit points are provided where possible.  

Entry Greeter / Class Rep direct students to the appropriate doors, ensure  members do not linger, and use tact to remind members to respect physical distancing .  

Washroom Access

Only one person is normally allowed access into the washrooms at a time in some locations. Entry Greeter/ Class Rep, please announce to all participants the need to continue to practice physical distancing in washrooms. Masks must be worn in indoor public spaces.

Floor Markings to aid in Physical Distancing

Markings may be placed on the dance floor to assist with physical distancing at the entry / exit and, as necessary.

Instructors will ensure that spacing is adjusted to keep dancers spaced out appropriately.  Dance couples must be designated dance partner bubbles.  No partner exchanges will be allowed.

Smaller Class Sizes

Class sizes will be capped to meet the maximums set by each hall. In smaller halls, no more than 10 dancers will be on the floor. In gyms and larger halls, the venue may indicate the maximum numbers that can be in the space e.g. 20 – 24 dancers.

Sanitation Practices

Chairs, door handles, surfaces, washroom sinks and taps and toilet handles will be sprayed with disinfectant spray provided by VBDS or the venue upon leaving, where required.  Entry Greeters/ Class Reps, VBDS supplies of J-cloths, and Disinfectant DIN: 02246368 – Clorox Clean-up Disinfectant Bleach Cleaner or similar are provided.

Chairs will be sanitized between classes if they have hard surfaces. Chairs will be spaced to mark out distances in the halls for seating (in groups of 2 with 6 feet between for dance couple practices and classes, and individual chairs 6 feet apart for solo practices and classes.)

No Hand on Instructing

There will be no ‘’hands on” teaching.  Students and instructors will respect the 2 meter distancing at all times. Verbal direction and non-contact demonstration will be provided.


Instructors MUST wear triple-layer face masks.  

Hand sanitization before Class or Practices

Hand sanitization is required upon entry and before dancing.  All venues provide hand sanitizers and VBDS has supplies at practices.  Members are encouraged to also bring their own supply.   Entry Greeters/ Class Reps, remind dancers to avoid touching surfaces and to wash/ sanitize hands.

Hand sanitizer DIN:  80076703 –  Original Hand Sanitizer Gel Disinfectant (Ethyl Alcohol) or similar

Windows and Doors Open

To ensure flow of fresh air, windows and doors will be opened during dance classes and practices. In colder months, everyone must dress accordingly.

Water Bottles

Dancers are encouraged to bring their own full water bottles labelled with their name and contact information as there will be no access to kitchensand water fountains to refill water bottles.

Screening Upon Arrival

Entry Greeter / Class Rep must screen each person, including instructors, at each class or practice as they are checked off the membership list.  

Screening questions will follow the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire for Self-Assessment (see below).


Screening Procedures:

At each practice or class, the sign in sheet lists the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire for Self-Assessment. If the dancer cannot answer NO to all questions, entry is not permitted.

Do you have any of the following possible symptoms related to COVID-19

  1. Fever or chills?                                                                       Y / N

  2. Cough or worsening chronic cough?                                   Y / N

  3. Difficulty breathing?                                                               Y / N

  4. Flu like symptoms (headache, sore throat, runny nose)?  Y / N

  5. Unusual muscle or body aches?                                           Y / N

  6. Atypical headache?                                                                 Y / N

  7. New loss of taste or smell?                                                     Y / N

  8. Nausea or vomiting?                                                                Y / N

  9. Diarrhea?                                                                                   Y / N

  10. Have you travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days?  Y / N

  11. Have you been in contact with someone who is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days?                                                               Y / N

  12. Have you been advised by your physician or Public Health professional to be in self isolation (currently or within the last 14 days )?      Y / N

A triple-layer face mask is required to be worn before entering indoor spaces, and while dancing.


Location Specific Entry/ Exit Information:

At Brentwood Bay Community Hall, there is a door on Wallace St so that the first session of dancers can leave by this door to not have pinch points with arriving dancers.  

At Centennial United Church, where the exterior doors in the gym cannot be used to exit, please minimize the number of people on the staircase at one time.The upper hallway can be used as a waiting area while the dancers exit from the room outside the dance studio.

At St Matthias Church Hall, the entrance and exit doors have been labelled.  The emergency exits cannot be used for regular exits (right side door may be opened for airflow only.)

At Cedar Hill Recreations Centre, the entry and exits are clearly marked.  

At Royal Oak Women’s Institute, the entry is via the single door and the exit is via the double doors.

Thank you to all members and volunteers and instructors for being vigilant in following the safety plan so that we can continue to dance with protocols in place to keep everyone safe.


Lynne Jordon, VBDS President on behalf of the VBDS Board