Call for Resolutions for the VBDS 2019 Annual General Meeting


Subject: Call for Resolutions for the VBDS 2019 Annual General Meeting

Fellow VBDS Members;

I am pleased to let you know that your Board has now set the date for the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Victoria Ballroom Dance Society (VBDS), for Wednesday evening, November 20

Holding our Annual General Meeting of members (AGM) is one of the requirements we must meet every year, in conformity with the BC Societies Act, under which VBDS is incorporated and registered.

Also in conformity with the Act and our Bylaws, we are asking that all Resolutions that any Member may wish to have discussed at the 2019 AGM be submitted to the Board in writing prior to our deadline of end-of-day Sunday, October 27, 2019.  All such submissions should provide an outline of the proposed topic of the Resolution to be placed on the Agenda, and proposed wording for the Resolution. 

We are asking that both Special Resolutions (ie. those requiring 2/3 vote to pass, like amendments to our Bylaws), and Ordinary Resolutions (ie. those requiring at least 50% to pass, like those relating to our classes), be sent in by this deadline, in order to allow all members adequate time to consider and discuss all such proposals;  However, the Board will be able to consider Ordinary Resolutions submitted this year no later than Wednesday, November 06.  Submissions may be sent by email to , or handed in writing to any Board Member prior to the deadline.

Further detail on the time and location this year’s AGM, along with a Proposed Agenda and list of Resolutions, will be made available to Members closer to the date of the Meeting.

If any members would like assistance in preparing a Resolution for discussion at the AGM, or has any questions about the process, please do contact the VBDS Governance Committee, via

Members are reminded that memberships must be renewed prior to 20 October 2019 to be able to vote at the 2019 AGM on November 20.

We hope you will set aside time to attend this important annual meeting of our club,

Steve Montgomery

VBDS President