You tube is well known for cat videos, but it is also a source for music of all genres. It’s not necessary to pay for YouTube music, or freedom from ads.If ads occur with a single track of music, it is usually only one, at the beginning, and can be cancelled after 10 seconds. Many you tube videos do not have ads at all.

The two special advantages of music tracks as YouTube videos are the ability to adjust playback speed, and to create unlimited repeats of the track for practice purposes. The “gear wheel” settings icon at the bottom right of the video has the ability to increase or decrease the playback speed, by different degrees. This can be useful for beginners, or anyone learning a complex routine. Even turn a Slow Waltz to a Viennese! (Not The “repeat” function, or “looping” is accessed by right-clicking the video with the mouse. The looping icon appears at the top of the window which pops up.

Over time, week by week, more genres of dance music will be presented here. As much as possible, videos have been chosen which do not begin with an ad, but some sneak in. Just click after a few seconds to close the ad, if you encounter one. Each collection will be a downloadable (or clickable) pdf file. Click on the YouTube URLs to play the music.

Click HERE for Waltz titles.

Click HERE for 20 Rumba titles.

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Click HERE for 20 Jive titles.

Click HERE for 20 Tango titles

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Click HERE for 20 Slow Foxtrot titles.

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Click HERE for 9 West Coast Swing Titles

Click HERE for 20 Paso Doble Titles.

Click HERE for 20 Viennese Waltz Titles.