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Our Dance Syllabus

Elegant Standard: The Foxtrot Because of its smoothness, it is often referred to as the Rolls Royce of the standard dances. It is what Fred and Ginger used to do so well. “The object of smooth dances is to move or travel smoothly around the room, covering as much of the dance floor as possible. […]

Our Dance Syllabus

Sizzling Latin: The Paso Doble The origin of the Spanish-styled Paso Doble dance represents a bullfight, where the lead takes the role of the bullfighter, while the follow takes on the flare of the red cape of the toreador and not the bull, as often assumed. Together, the lead and follow move dramatically, often changing […]

Scents and Personal Hygiene

Sensitivities to a wide variety of scents do vary, and we are often not aware of scents on clothing we are ourselves wearing — remember that these scents can linger on garments. The nature of our sport is that it requires close proximity and contact with others to work well, so please be particularly aware of this if you […]

Asking Others to Dance

The Victoria Ballroom Dance Society is a social club — this is one of the considerable benefits we bring to both ballroom instruction and our events. Asking different people to dance is encouraged. Either the gentleman or the lady may ask for a dance. This not only strengthens the social dimensions of the club, by […]


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