Victoria Ballroom Dance Society Mission Statement


Believing that ballroom dancing improves the physical and social well-being of individuals and enhances the quality of life the Victoria Ballroom Dance Society has  established as the mission of the society:

  • To promote an interest in ballroom dancing.
  • To create a physical and social environment that encourages people to participate actively in ballroom dancing as a performing art, as a recreational and social activity, and as a competition sport.
  • To provide instruction at a variety of levels of ballroom dancing.
  • To provide social opportunities, workshops, and dances.
  • To encourage communication and friendship with other ballroom dance groups in the community, in the province, and elsewhere.

VBDS Constitution revised November, 2017 (PDF file).

VBDS Bylaws revised November, 2023 (PDF file).

VBDS Conflict of Interest Policy revised March 2021 (PDF file).

VBDS Harassment Policy revised March 2021 (PDF file).

VBDS Confidentiality Agreement revised July 2021 (PDF file).

VBDS Consent & Liability Waiver revised July 2021 (PDF file).

VBDS Committee Terms of Reference revised December 2017 (PDF file).