55+ Lifestyle Show – April 12th

Maria Heron, our Outreach Coordinator has secured a very inexpensive presentation table at this year’s 55+ Lifestyle Show where we can promote our club. This show is just a single day – Tuesday, April 12th and runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. We have exhibited here before and this is a great place to increase awareness of our club and find new members.

Many things need to come together to make this event a success and it starts with volunteers. Volunteers to do the behind-the-scenes work including updating our promotional material (handouts and multimedia), volunteers to attend the booth and hopefully (still awaiting word) volunteers to do some demonstration dancing. Any participation from minor to major is appreciated and will help our club grow and prosper.

For more info email promotions@vbds.org

The link to the show is here.