Ballroom Dance 2We can’t always choose the music life plays for us but we can choose how we dance to it! … Have fun with friends while you exercise your body and your hippocampus.  Dancing is the ultimate sport in which everyone can participate.  Read Dancing can make you smarter!

Victoria Ballroom Dance Society offers a variety of classes and workshops, from absolute beginner, to bronze, silver and gold level so whatever your age, whether you are new to ballroom, or returning to the dance floor, you will have fun dancing, learning and making new friends.

VBDS News….

Victoria Clubs Closed Competition -

VBDS is pleased to announce that on March 12 we will be holding our Victoria Clubs Closed Competition. This is a regular ballroom dance with a bit of added flair! One of the components of the evening will be a low-key competition. Take advantage of this opportunity to get on the floor and strut your stuff. If the thought gives you pause, bear in mind that even Fred Astaire was initially very reluctant to dance and only did so at his parents' insistence. It took a while before he was tripping the light fantastic on screen with Ginger Rogers. Whatever your aspirations this is an excellent starting point in an encouraging atmosphere. All levels will be invited to participate, from Newcomer to Gold and beyond.



The competition only takes up about an hour during the evening, so there will still be plenty of time for general dancing. Full details of the event will be available shortly.

Practice, Practice, Practice! -

Feeling adrift?

Living quarters too cramped for fancy maneuvers?

Reduced to practising on the street?
couple dancing

We can't offer you this:
oval office

but we do have room for you to stretch out on some excellent dance floors.


DVD Library – for your convenience! -

dvdsVBDS Members have been borrowing DVDs from the VBDS Library since April 30, 2014. PLEASE NOTE that the library will continue to operate for the summer months. Brian Mason, the DVD Librarian, is looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday nights.

Current VBDS Members may freely borrow one Ballroom instructional DVD per week, just:

  • Visit Brian between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. at the Wednesday VBDS Practice at Cedar Hill Rec Centre.
    • Checkout an available DVD,
    • or reserve a DVD for next week if the DVD you want is already out.
    • or wait list yourself for a DVD if the DVD you want is reserved.
  • OR- Visit the new web site pages (see image above) to reserve or wait list your DVD! Using the web site is convenient, it only asks for your name and email to check against current membership records. Once you have reserved it on-line, just visit Brian between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. at the Wednesday VBDS Practice at Cedar Hill Rec Centre and pick up your reserved DVD. The web site saves you time and gets your DVD reserved ahead.

Choosing a DVD is simple, each DVD is for one dance, and by level. The levels may be combined per DVD like:

  • Bronze - includes all the steps from the pre-bronze and bronze steps.
  • Silver/Gold - includes all the steps from the silver and gold levels of each dance.
  • note- there are NO "VBDS Beginner level" steps on any of the DVDs.




To view Archived VBDS news articles –click here.




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Les Passmore Centre

 (also known as: Saanich Silver Threads), 286 Hampton Rd (see map and specific directions to hall below)

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VBDS holds many classes, workshops, and other events in the hall/gym located behind the Les Passmore Center (4):

To enter the hall

  1. walk down the front entrance ramp,
  2. turn to your left, walk past the atrium 
  3. turn right and walk straight to the end of the walkway and you will be at the Gym entrance